the 2023 ‘Adventskalender’:
Raschèr, Sax, and Friends

Dear friends,

After our epic undertaking with Schubert‘s Winterreise in 2022, it is time for us not to tell the next chapter of our story, but rather to harken back to the first chapter of a tradition that is based on friendships through space and time.

We are happy to announce this year we will return with a second digital „Aventskalender“.  


Sigurd M. Raschèr, the founder of the classical saxophone as we know it, embarked on an amazing quest that was to involve many decades and continents. 

The scope of the Raschèr tradition spans one hundred years, and its fundamental ingredients involve friends who lived even before that: with passionate advocates of humanity‘s expression such as Johann Sebastian Bach and the saxophone‘s very inventor, Adolphe Sax. 

Coming this December, we would like to tell you the story of such a large passage of time, involving many dear friends who invested altogether countless decades of their lives. 

Advent Sundays

The Advent Sundays can be sponsored with the status of „Fördermitgliedschaft“.  Those sponsors will recieve an autographed copy of our recordings of music written by friends of Adolphe Sax, which will be released as a limited edition vinyl record in the near future.  

Friends of the RSQ

When we have your friendship, then you have gained a  friendship with us, one with everyone who ever played in the RSQ, with more than 300 composers who have written espressly for us, with Sigurd Raschèr,
Adolphe Sax, and even with Johann Sebastian Bach… 

….for these are friendships that go beyond the mere span of a lifetime
…and all of these aforementioned friendships are made possible by you, our listener.

Join us this year

Where last year‘s story was a journey outward into the great winter beyond, this story is a journey to the great within:  it is our personal loveletter to our musical footprint on this Earth, and expressed in deep gratitude to you, our dear listeners. 

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Friends of the Raschèr Saxophone Quartet support the RSQ with recurring donations. 

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